the lift

Carrying my bike AND my shopping up 6 flights of stairs was not a good thing to do…..
I will summarise the long, sorry saga of the almost non-existent lift in the near future. Am working all hours at the moment so can’t.


~ by abacusflats on October 30, 2010.

7 Responses to “the lift”

  1. Yes, we are in the same boat and have to carry everything up to the 6th floor. We’d love to do some extra exercises but it is however a matter whether we’ve get what we’ve paid for!

  2. friend of mine visiting this building has just had his bike pinched from under the stairs. This would not of happened if the lift was working….. on this point what kind of people are the landlords of abacus letting too? certainly not as safe as i thought this building was 20 months ago.. time to move on me thinks, this looks like lee bank rising if you ask me, fights outside every night litter and drug smoking on the stairs, in the usa they call this a ghetto!!! {(please dont delete my comment as you normally do (dissgruntled resident))

    • I’ve not deleted any comments at all, never mind from you. I’m worried now. When did you previously submit?

  3. shit building


    I’ve called this company and explained our sittuation, they estimate a costing, site survey and installation within 8 weeks….. yes thats 8 weeks SS please take note ive lived here for 2 yrs and seen no satisfactory result from any of the works you (SS) have commissioned.

  5. I am the Person who had my Bike stolen from the bottom of the stairs. I have recently seen youngsters in the foyer with their hands inside peoples letter boxes. I beleive these kids are responsible for the theft of my bike… Lets stick together to keep an eye on the ASBo types in the building. 103,

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