This blog has been set up by Val Woodward, who is a resident in the Abacus block of flats.

The reasons for this are

  1. there are lots of problems in all 3 blocks
  2. residents have few ways to communicate
  3. management does not always seem adequate

7 Responses to “About”

  1. Val – I think this is a great idea. Thanks for getting it up and running.

  2. Which Car Park Bay Belongs to Which Flat?

    I have been a resident for 3 years and parked with no issues in this time. Recently someone has parked in my bay and claimed it is their allocated space. The claim is that the parking permit numbers do not relate to the parking bay numbers? Yet instead the correct bay number is shown on the original sales documentation we were given.

    This issue has come up now as this person has parked in a bay for years. Then a new tenant has claimed that the space is infact theirs and this person should infact be in “my” bay…. Does anyone have a diffinitive list of which parking bay belongs to which flat?

    Has anyone had similar issues?

    • Jon, the spaces are as marked in the lease documentation. It’s not the same as the flat number or parking permit. I would contact SS asking them to confirm both your space and the space for the other resident. The directors should also have the list.


    • PS Could this be post and reply be made into a new subject instead of being under “About”?
      GerryC (mod on another forum)

  3. Thanks for comments. I am new to this so will try to work out how to move this conversation into a new stream/heading

  4. see uncategorised for my response within this stream

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